Sunday, September 26, 2004

You Are Perfect

In your own way
You're improving
Little by little
Each and every day
In a more than mundane way
Almost acceptable
Nearly admissable
Evidence of presence
Mind over matter

You are perfect
Finished and that's it
No more incomplete
Tidy and discrete
You are perfect
Patient, adaptable
Cool and collected
Stylish and sensual

In my own way
I'm degrading
A spectacular collapse
Suddenly one day
In a less than mundane way
Entirely rejected
Ruled out of court
Evidence of absense
No telekinesis

I am perfect
Only just starting
Everything must go
Upwards as I grow
I am perfect
Impatient, fixated
Uncool and distracted
Uptight and in a mess

DFRW 17th March 2004


lu said...

i like it a lotttto.
nice to hear from you and your lyrical waximus.
i have a photo of you almost exactly thr same which is funny, you are looking well.
i am now a blogger- not sure what to do with it but ill let you know when i do.
lots of love
no tags, digs, nuffin but lovelight intended

5:58 PM  

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