Sunday, September 26, 2004

I Wish

I wish you'd marry me
In a white lace gown
Wearing a crystal from Beirut
Pearls, and amber in silver
I'd wear a blue silk suit
Sing to you before and after
And the pledges would be easy
Our congregation high
We'd dance all night
Confuse and amuse our guests
With flirting
Catch the mountain train
At dawn
And fuck for peace at the
With the pink peaks crying

I wish you'd boast of me
Your cool Englishman
The one worth making an exception for
Being true no barrier to
Your imperfect, out-of-sorts
Sex and love, devoted
Giving challenge and support
Sensitivity and thought
Planning lessons, buying shoes
Co-ordinating orange, blues
Greens and greys,
Your moods and needs
Your hunger feeds

I wish you'd come with me
Come out, away
Let loose and play
Like children, willful
Lingering and lazy at
Places where the world
Is less confused and
People are less crazy
We'll swim and dive
Relax and float and
Smile, invite our friends,
Sleep all together in one
Big bed,
Read each other morning stories
Publish comedies and diaries
Cook exotic and delicious meals
Stretch and yawn and
Keep it real

DFRW 8th May 2004


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