Saturday, September 25, 2004

Thank You

I want to thank you
from the absolute depths of my heart
for being the one

To dismantle the lock and melt the key down to metal
To reduce the door to planks and smash the walls to bricks and rubble
To drop my phone into the bath making the numbers unreadable
To lose the map to the wind making the destination unreachable
To wash all my woollen clothes extra, extra hot
To put in with all my whites a pair of bright red socks
To announce your love over the Central Station P.A.
In such a way that nobody waiting there can make out a word you say

I caught the train
Wearing a tight jumper and a pink shirt
Recalling the route
Having previously committed all important telephone numbers to memory
No longer in need of my cell

Thank you from the very top of myself
For my glorious destruction.

DFRW 4th April 2004 (4/4/4)


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