Monday, September 27, 2004

I'm A Nobody, Get Me Anywhere

I just can't bear
To stick around here
Or I'm gonna suffocate
Suffer the 2nd rate
Cult of the TV
C-list celebrity
Stick on the box again
Red button vote to win

I wanna be there
I wanna be anywhere
Anywhere but here, coz
Here is just too near
This train terminates
Just round about here
So get me anywhere
Anywhere but here

I'm a nobody
Nobody knows me
Nobody cares now
So I wanna be there
Now I'm a no-one, a
Major non-entity
Please vote me out of here
Or I'm gonna disappear

I don't wanna be here
I wanna be everywhere
Everywhere but here, coz
Here is just too near
This brain terminates
Somewhere around here
Please get me out of here
Just get me anywhere

DFRW 17th February 2004


a. said...

Big world, isn't it? Nice photography but a question about your poetry. If you can't bear the 2nd rate, why write about it? Why not did deeper? You are, after all, a creative agent.

11:09 PM  
Dean Whitbread said...

It's OK to write about the degraded parts of our lives and to examine the bad as well as the good.

11:51 PM  

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