Saturday, September 25, 2004


there's nothing i love more
than a bit of pre-digested
delicious pavement pizza
down beneath the double breasted
it sets me up for lunch
and a nice al fresco shag
followed by some KFC
and though i do not like to brag
i'm rather easy on the eye
in my sleek shiny purple vest
and it's no wonder that i strut
and smugly bob and puff my chest
coz all i do is shag and eat
and shit and eat and shag and boast
i'd be a piece of piss to slaughter
yet i'm unfit for your roast
so i proliferate and fornicate
and dine on puke and trash
it's bloody good, let me tell you
now it's dinner time - must dash

DFRW 13th May 2004


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