Sunday, October 03, 2004


Baby Dribbling Sibling
Nibbling Spitting Shitting
Gurgling Wailing Weeping
Sleeping Waking Sleeping
Waking Taking Taking
Taking Sleeping Waking
Baby Booby Baba
Mama Papa Mama
Suckling Sweety Duckling
Chuckling Cooing Pooing
Spewing Snotting Mewling
Mauling Standing Falling
Rolling Not Yet Crawling
Cuty Booty Bib
Nappy Crappy Happy
Babby Chubby Daddy
Mummy Tummy Yummy
Gummy Chummy Bummy
Runny Costing Lots of Money

DFRW 1st October 2004


Anonymous Poet said...

Lot's of sounds!

6:44 PM  
Anonymous Poet said...

What's the relationship between the poem and the photo?

6:47 PM  
Dean Whitbread said...

This post has been removed by the author.

9:01 PM  
Dean Whitbread said...

i wrote the poem and i took the picture

that's the connection..

the photo is of a child in the London art gallery, Tate Modern

9:02 PM  
Lagowski said...

Sail on silver wings, through this storm what fortune love may bring,
back to my arms again, the love of a former golden age.
I am disabled by fears concerning which course to take.
For now that wheels are turning, I find my faith deserting me.

Brendan Perry/Dead Can Dance

9:46 PM  

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